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Used throughout India and Kashmir (and found in Indian restaurants throughout the world ), the traditional rounded-top tandoor oven is made of brick and clay. It's used to bake foods over direct heat produced from a smoky fire. Meats are marinated and then cooked in the tall, rather cylindrical tandoor - usually skewered and thrust into the oven's heat, which is so intense (usually over 500°F ) that it cooks a chicken half in less than 10 minutes. A very healthy option served with salad.
Shahi Kabacha
  Tikka Shashlick
Fillet of chicken or lamb tikka stuffed with   Tender pieces of chicken breast or lamb
a medium spicy sauce of onions, peppers,   marinated with tikka spices, ginger,
brocoli & mushrooms, served with salad.     corinader & lime juice cooked with chunky  
    onions & peppers in the tandoor served  
Baadsha Biryani
on a sizzling platter.  
Chicken tikka, lamb tikka & prawns gently    
cooked with Basmati rice, sultanas &   Tandoori Mixed Grill
raisins served with a medium hot sauce.   Combination of tandoori chicken, seekh
      kebab & chicken tikka served sizzling with
Tikka Masala
onions, salad & fresh naan.
Chicken tikka, lamb tikka or prawns in a    
medium sauce garnished with cushed   Khyber Pass Tikka Makhani Special
almonds, coriander & cream.
  Combination of chicken tikka & lamb
      tikka served sizzling with onions, Makhani
Tandoori King Prawns
sauce & fresh naan.
Whole king prawns marinated with natural      
yoghurt, tandoori spices & lemon juice   Meat Thali
served sizzling with onions.   Traditional platter comprising of tandoori  
  chicken, Boti kebab, Seekh kebab &
Tandoori Chicken
  tandoori sauce served with pilau rice.
Half chicken on the bone marinated with
natural yoghurt, tandoori spices & lemon
  Vegetable Thali
juice served sizzling with onions.   Mixed veg bhaji, onion bhaji, tarka daal &
      chapatti served with pilau rice & salad -
Makhani Tandoori Chicken
Half tandoori chicken (on the bone)      
served with a sizzling Makhani sauce.      

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