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Relish the many years experience of Indian cuisine gained by our Chef. A wide variety of culinary styles from India, Pakistan & Kashmir have been fused to create these House Specialties & favourites. All Chefs special dishes are served with pilau rice.
Chicken or prawns cooked with fresh   Chicken or lamb cooked with chillies,
Mangoes in a sweet creamy coconut   garlic, ginger, onions, tomatoes &
sauce - Sweet & Mild     capsicums - Spicy & Hot
Keema Aloo Mattar
  Lahoori Mirchi
Minced lamb cooked with peas & potatoes
Chicken or lamb cooked in a lemon sauce
in a sauce with fresh Kashmiri spices -   of onions, chillies, tomatoes, peppers,
Medium Hot   garlic & coconut - Spicy & Hot
Garlic Chilli
  Karachi Tarka
Chicken or lamb cooked in a Bhuna garlic Chicken or prawns in a sauce of onions,
& chilli herb sauce - Medium Hot   tomatoes & mild spices then topped with
      pan fried mushrooms & green beans -
Pasanda Pathia Rogan Josh
Chicken tikka or tandoori chicken cooked      
in a Pasanda sauce with a pan fried   Josh - E - Bemissaal
garnish of onions, tomatoes, capsicums &   Cooked in a garlic & ginger Bhuna sauce
garlic - Medium   topped with sliced tomato & coriander -
Chicken, lamb, or prawns cooked with   Mama Cook
minced lamb sauce & corriander   Chicken, lamb & prawns cooked with
omelette - Medium   tomatoes, onions & peppers creating a
  highly flavoured dish - Medium
King Prawn Pasanda
King prawns cooked with onions, ginger,   Makhani Masala
peppers & tomatoes in a Masala sauce   Chicken tikka or tandoori chicken cooked
with herbs & spices - Medium   in a creamy Masala sauce flavoured with
  onions, tomatoes & capsicums - Medium  
Malai Chicken Tikka
Chicken tikka cooked with an almond,      
cream & mushroom sauce - Mild      

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