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All Khyber Pass starters are served with crisp fresh salad, accompanying sauces & dips.
Non Vegetarian
Shaan Tikka
  Bengan Paneer
Chicken pieces in a golden chickpea
  Aubergine fried with finest herbs, spices &  
batter served with a sweet chilli chutney.
  Indian cheese.  
Mix Platter (for 2)
  Veg Pakora
Tandoori mix platter of king prawns,
  Vegetables spiced & coated in chickpea
tandoori chicken, chicken & lamb tikka &
seekh kebab.
  Onion Bhaji Chaat
Tikka Paneer
  Onion bhaji topped with cucumber &
Chicken or lamb fried with finest herbs,
  chaat spices.
spices & cheese.
  Onion Bhaji
Chicken Pakora
  Sphere of onions in a coating of seasoned
Tender pieces of fresh chicken spiced &
  gram flour.
coated in chickpea flour.
  Vegetable Samosa
Chicken Chaat
  Spiced vegetables wrapped in a home
Tender pieces of chicken topped with
  made pastry.
cucumber & chaat sauce.
Chicken Chaat Masala
Tender pieces of chicken fried with onion
  King Prawn Puree
& masala marinade.
  Sauteed with onions, peppers & spices
  served in a puree.
Mix Kebab
Combination of shami kebab & onion
  Fried King Prawns
  Pan-fried with capsicums, coriander &
  ground spice.
Hot Meat
Tender cubes of lamb pan-fried with
  King Prawn Butterfly
peppers & onions - HOT!!
  Whole king prawn spiced & coated with a
  golden batter.
Meat Samosa
Spiced minced lamb wrapped in a home
  Prawn Puree
made pastry & deep fried.
  Prawns gently sauteed in deep fried
  unleavened bread.
Tandoori Chicken or Chicken Tikka
  Ocean Chaat
Sauteed with onions, peppers &
  Tender pieces of salmon fried with onions
coriander served in a puree.
  chickpeas & masala marinade.
Seekh Kebab
  Prawn Cocktail
Minced lamb freshly seasoned & cooked
  Prawns with seasoned salad in seafood
on a skewer in the clay oven.
Boti Kebab
Pan fried cubes of lamb with peppers,
onions & masala marinade.
Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka
Tender pieces of chicken or lamb
marinated with yoghurt & spices.
Tandoori Chicken
A quarter chicken, marinated in lemon,
lime & spices.
Mulligatawny Soup
  Daal Soup
Spicy lentils cooked with ground onion,     Lentils cooked with lemon - MILD  
lemon & coriander - HOT!!        

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